Marici Haltiner 1523 St. Gallen Handwerksmeister Moriz 1532 Wolfach Maler Pfanne 1256 Osterburg Gildemeister Alemannisch gleich Haldener aus Haldi gleich kleine Halde. Haltiner Obwohl keine sicheren Angaben zur Datierung des geschichtlichen Ursprungs und zu seiner Zuordnung zu einem bestimmten Gebiet vorhanden sind, ist ein Nachweis des Adels über die Deutung des Wappens möglich. Seit Beginn des 15. Jahrhunderts lockerte sich die Verbindung des Wappens mit dem Landbesitz immer mehr, da die Wappenvergabe auf immer größere Personenkreise und Familien aus den Bürgerräten, Inhaber bestimmten Ämter oder Handel- und Gewerbetreibende ausgedehnt wurde. ...


Marici Haltiner 1523 St. Gallen master craftsman Moriz 1532 Wolfach painter pan 1256 Osterburg Gildemeister Alemannic equals Haldener from Haldi equals small Halde. Haltiner Although there is no reliable information about the dating of the historical origin and its assignment to a certain area, evidence of the nobility is possible through the interpretation of the coat of arms. Since the beginning of the 15th century, the connection between the coat of arms and land ownership has loosened more and more, as the award of coats of arms was extended to ever larger groups of people and families from the citizens' councils, holders of certain offices or traders and traders. ...


St. Gallen > Switzerland

Haldi > Pakistan

Halderner > Germany

Not sure about the correct coloring, just my impression of it referring to the coat of arms Sternberg Bohemian noble house

Haltiners are Bonapartists > the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt

Markus Johannes Haltiner a real familymember of Carol Lynn, Shane, James and Tina Haltiner. A Pastor of the Evangelic-Reformed Church.

child of John Haltiner brother Edward R. Haltiner brother of Tina Haltiner

child of Edward R Haltiner

Edward R. Haltiner, 69, of Vandergrift, passed away Sunday, May 25, 2014, in his home, surrounded by his loving family. Born Aug. 31, 1944, in Detroit, Mich., he was a son of the late John and Ruth (Norman) Haltiner. Edward lived in Vandergrift for the last 39 years, and worked for the Laborers Union as a machine operator at the Allegheny River Terminals, retiring in 2009. He served our country with the Army. Edward enjoyed fishing. In addition to his parents, Edward was preceded in death by brothers, John, Hank and Norman Haltiner; and sisters, Wilda Mae Firth and Delphine Campbell. He is survived by his wife of 37 years, Paulette (Cramer) Haltiner; daughters, Carol Lynn, of Ireland, Lori (Rommel) Salazar, of Alexandria, Va., and Desire (Robert) Smith, of Vandergrift; son, Shane Haltiner, of Vandergrift; grandchildren, Della and Devyn; siblings, Dan, Jim, Dennis, Richard, Joe, Lynn, Nancy and Mary. 

Mind you, that JOHN and Edward Haltiner were pedophiles aka childrapists. Edward Haltiner seduced my mother Kathleen Danich at age 14 > mother Carol Lynn Haltiner. His brother John Haltiner seduced my mother's youngest sister Carol Danich at atleast age 13 > mother Tina and James Haltiner. My grandmother Anna Milincevich was married to William (Bill) Fell at that time. After my grandmother passed away in 1989, he put my grandmother's on a bankaccount in canada.  Is this bill fell? Carol Lynn Haltiner only has been a prostitute since she was 17 yrs old until she met her husband Conor O'Sullivan. Carol Lynn Haltiner has lured Bas MEijer and Kitty J. Clignett in to prostitution late 80's early 90's.

Carol Lynn Haltiner (of Ireland married Conor O'Sullivan) stalking me twice on Facebook, first time in June 2019 and November 2020. I made printscreens.

Hans Haltiner is a Swissdumbass cyclist.

A Chuck Haltiner lived in Boulder, CO at the time JonBonet Ramsey was murdered.

Carol Lynn Haltiner has been a whore from the time she was 17 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. She lured Kitty Joy Clignett in to prostitution in 1992. CArol Lynn Haltiner borrowed 10.000 guilders from Erika Bos when she was 17 to go to Amsterdam (Erika Bos told me herself), her friend at that time and not ever paid it back. Erika Bos died in 2017.

Swedish twins Sabina and Ursula Eriksson

Guess who was living in Ireland at the time Sabina and Ursula when through this? Who is born in 1967? Carol Lynn Haltiner aka Lynn O'Sullivan aka Carol Lynn of Ireland

Carol Lynn Haltiner has been stalking me around the same time since 2019. It seems like Carol Lynn Haltiner gets a psychosis between June and September, at least since 2019.

Haltiner family link HENDERSON

carol Lynn Haltiner's family are linked to England, Canada, france, Switzerland

The Dutch reformed are a "christian" sect which originates from Switserland.

this is the 3rd time carol Lynn Haltiner aka Lynn O'Sullivan aka Carol Lynn of Ireland is stalking me and spreading lies. 

I will proof that carol Lynn Haltiner, who has been only a prostitute until she became a mother (i have many witnesess) and has been luring people in to prostitution. Carol Lynn Haltiner was charged with insurance fraud, because kitty Joy clignett went to the police in 1993.

Carol Lynn Haltiner is my half sister. 

Kitty joy clignett was living in middelburg 

When Carol lynn haltiner "escaped my father's sick and twisted environment" at christmas 1976, which she claimed when she was stalking me on facebook in 2019. Our mother met wim van harten in 1977. Carol lynn haltiner was living in fostercare (where she claims she had a good life) when our mother was with him when my father was working. the babysitter left kitty joy, my brother ans me by ourselves. she was one of our neighbors in gervinsland.

I am don't lie about carol lynn hlatiner's family. carol lynn hlatiner's father and uncle are pedophiles, marriage doesn't say any thing, marc dutroux and josef fritzl were married too and done horrible things. carol lynn haltiner's father and uncle should have gone to prison for statutory rape instead of marrying my mother and aunt. carol lynn haltiner is in denial about her own family.

Carol lynn haltiner has finally got her way by ruining my relationship with my brother, just like kitty joy clignett has.

i was bothered by tina haltiner in 2014, if i could let carol lynn haltiner know that her father was dying in 2014. tina haltiner sent me a message through messenger and facebook can still track it. 

In 2019 carol lynn haltiner denied that neighbors had called CPS. Carol lynn claimed she called the police herself. she was left by herself during christmas 1976 by our mother because of her bad behavior. carol lynn haltiner is definitely caught lying in this twitter post, because at the time she lived at home, we had different neighbors. if carol lynn haltiner was abused and raped by my father, why didn't she go to the police when she went back to our mother? she not ever went to a psychiatrist to get treatment for what my father allegedly had done to her. 

I know enough people, i am busy with some