Timeline Lucy van der Zeep:

full name              Lucy van der zeep

21907                        April 19 Pladju, Sumatra, Indonesia

21987                        Death August 31, Baarle Hertog, BE

Married                      (Lou) Louis Hendrik Clignett

Children                     (Bob) Louis André Clignett (name change to Bon Part,

                                   because Mark van Waardenburg changed his name in to

                                  Clignett without my uncle's permission just before he married

                                   Gail. Mark was never adopted by my uncle. When I visited

                                him in 21999, he told me: "Happy divorce! from Ulla Krausz

                                  aka Clignett)

                                   Kitty Ann, Robert Clignett, Eric H. Clignett

                                  Kitty Clignett married Ronald H. Oosterbaan moved to 

                                Baarle Nassau, NL Cor van de Bokstraat 17 and mid 80's to   Burgemeester van Gilse straat 3 "dr. Bloem straat, het bloemmen straatje" That's where my grandmother literally dropped dead in front of my brother's eyes (they changed the house number to 4) Baarle Hertog, BE and end 80's to Tommel 15 Baarle Hertog, BE (they changed a lot in that area)

                                  René Henri Clignett Kathleen Danich

                                  Marriage René and Kathy

Grandchildren           Jennifer A. CLignett, Renye L. A. Clignett

Parents                      Harry van der Zeep

                                  Anna Brugman


My grand mother never been in Australia

Quotes of my grandmother: "Op jullie bollen ogen" which means I don't think so, NO (dat dacht ik van niet, Nee).

Oh my God, you wish Jennifer Lopez! My grandmother has a 24 Cancer in her natal chart. Your puta mother comes from Puerto Rico > Mathias Brugman (January 3)

My ex husband also has a 24 Cancer in his natal chart. I think, due to an affair between my ex husband and Carol LYnn Haltiner, you are "receiving" my energy and that of my direct family.

Edwin R. Wise his birthday was on January 3.

My grandmothers natal chart based on birthplace with DISRUPTER ENERGIES.

my grandmother's natal chart based on coordinates with DISRUPTER ENERGIES