I want to let people know, that I know I'm receiving a lot of help. I know who are helping me, I can't express how thankful I am.









Eye color:












Jennifer Alexandria Clignett

Jenne, muslim (not Islam or Hindu) name Yennah

René H. Clignett and Kathleen Danich

October 10 21973 at 10:42 PM

The Hague, The Netherlands

A+ (father B+, mother A+)

Green, hazel

21992 September 25 Frederik (Erik) de Jonge

21996 September 17

3 daughters (Renee-Louise 21994, Noëlle 21997, Féline 22009)

3  (2 sisters Carol Lynn 1967, Kitty J.1973 and 1 brother René 21974)

US Citizen, Dutch national (1st Dutch passport 22015-22018)

West Javanese, Croatian (tiny bit Netherlands, French, Italian, Wallonian, German, Swedish)

Holism, Karma (Law of Cause and Effect)

Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairolfactus, Claircognizance, Empath

I am not a feminist and a communist

ambidexterous, longer ringfinger than index, asexual (at least I can never be a threat as a childmolester) Very stable personality, perfectionist, Kundalini expierience September 22000, circumcised,

I have been to: Australia 21999, 22015, Indonesia (Bali and Java) 21999, Saudi Arabia 21999, Germany 21988, Luxembourg 21992, France 21977/78, 21988, 21993, 22016, Spain 21977/78,USA 21975, 21990-21991,21998, 22001-22007, Belgium every summer in my youth, Ardennes, Dinant 21991, 21993, 21994, Stembert 22016

This is a moulding of my face. September 22017.

My Dutch I.D. The picture was taken by an employee of Foto Verschoore XL. April 03 links to birthday Coby Smulders. Smulders

(no offense to Croatia, God's will is God's will, I LOVE MY DNA!!!)


Independent Reseacher (EIN available) KvK nr. 73559342

20+ years, autodidact (list of autodidacts) and paraprofessional

Field: Science, Parapsychology, Spirituality, (Forensic) Astrology, Sound, Personal (Child) Development, Mythology, Religion (to name a few)

US address:

304 S. Jones Blvd #3286

Las Vegas, NV 89107-2623

Phone: (702) 425-6163

Netherlands address:

Paul Krugerstraat 57

4382 MB Vlissingen, The Netherlands

Phone: (+31) 0626314974

Current Home Address in the Netherlands: Paul Kruger straat 57, 4382 MB, Vlissingen, NL



21977 - 21986               


21988 - 21989               

























The Netherlands:









Volunteer Work:

21988 - 21989               

22004 -22005                 22007                                




Favorite leasure

Favourite Libraries: 




Bleijenburg/Eendrachtsburg primaryschool Middelburg

S.S.G.M. H.A.V.O.  Middelburg

Oranje Nassau M.A.V.O Middelburg

Delta College Middelburg

Vrouw en Techniek, Welding course


G.E.D. Phoenix, AZ

WCCCD Detroit, MI


(first) US English, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian



Waitress and house keeping jobs in Middelburg,

Bibliotheek Zeeland, Secretarial

Work through temp agencies, Seasonal jobs, cleaning jobs

Bleijenberg BV, Politie bureau Middelburg, Rijks Politie, Vreemdelingen Politie, Kadaster, KMPG

Loontjes BV, Funtastic Goes, Cashier

Elmer Jackson, Phoenix, AZ

Home Care Provider, Designing (floor tile business)

Hotel San Carlos, Phoenix AZ

United Cerebral Pasley, Phoenix, AZ

Test National Guard (passed) Phoenix, AZ


Home Care Provider City Los Angeles > Paul D.  Slater, George Woodside

Gautreaux's Rayne, LA


Roddy Staffing Detroit, MI


 TNT post, Bleijenberg BV, Jansema & Dik BV

Foyer de Jeunesse Vlissingen, contracted


Foyer de Jeunesse Vlissingen, contracted


Orionis Walcheren  unemployment project

Institute of Alexandria (EIN USA available)

AstroSense, LLC (EIN USA available)

De Gebroeders de Muynck Bed and Breakfast

Stichting Welzijn Ouderen Middelburg, delivering food to elderly people by bike

St. Mary's Phoenix, AZ Foodbox Service

Capuchin Detroit, MI

Stichting Arduin, Paardoes Vlissingen

Institute of Alexandria (according to Dutch law you don't have to register a business when you work less than 15 hrs p/w)

Volunteer based social project

Forensic Astrology based on the fundaments of Astronomy, Racine (mis bas) Test a development score test 0-7, 7-14, 14-21 yrs.

Research, music, art, designing, architecture, law, social work,

Being with my daughters

Zeeuwse Bibliotheek Middelburg, Phoenix Library, Down Town Los Angeles Library, L.A. Law Library, Library Detroit  

Institute of Alexandria.eu, AstroSense.org. Clignett.org, Childrens Voice, Anneliese Michel   

I got my confirmation yesterday, when I called the IRS to inquire about my EIN for Independent Researcher. The lady I spoke with, asked me questions to verify my Identity.

This is how we got to Rayne, LA USA where I spend a few months at Claire Thibodeaux. A few years ago, I found through familysearch.com that someone was using my name. I am lucky, I can proof where I've been and exactly when.

My lovely daughter Renee-Louise sent me a message asking me if I wanted to delete the information about her fathers family. (It's against the law) I let her know I will only take it off, when he confesses he lied about me as a parent. He also kidnapped Noëlle before he got "legal" custody of her. Which of course is parental kidnapping. He and his family caused for my daughters to go through a lot of mental abuse during their childhood due to his and his familys lies.

I expect everyone that bullied Renee-Louise en Noëlle about me being "crazy" classmates of the prinses ireneschool goes including the de Jonge family and the members of the Rafaël church Goes to apologize to my daughters.

Another reason I'm not taking it down is because he and his family are part of an international investigation, they are suspects until they are cleared. See citizen's arrest. in the Netherlands it's called burgerarrest. Because I'm not a man and quite short, I decided to use my right to make a citizen's arrest online. So by any law, i'm not committing a crime. for suspects see timeline.


I figured something out... I am well aware that the families which my family married in to, have been rooting around in my family tree. I know for a fact, they took my youngest daughter Féline, so them shitty christians she is staying with, can choose a man for her when she is older. I will stop that. You all know you idiots are inbreds here in Zeeland and you sickos need new blood. Even if I have to go through all of the Zeeuwse genealogies, I will stop it. Sick Nazi pedophiles...

The Family Mennes: there was a marriage with a Willem Sebastiaan Engelenberg to a  Suzanna Ploeg their son Johan Lourens Engelenberg was married to Maurina Mennes.

The Kurds, Armenians and some other people are taking revenge on the Turks (especially in Europe) in reference to the Armenian Genocide of 1914-1923. Is it fair to take the past out on people that have nothing to do with causing wars etc? Does everyone want me to start about the war in Indonesia 1945-1949?

Please, can you stupids here in the Netherlands, stop having these young guys bother me? I am not in to anyone younger than me, I have a thing for older men (up to 10 years older max. IF I'm interested) My cousin Kitty Ann and my sister Kitty Joy are in to younger men.


I still expect my brother (R.l.a. Clignett), to write me a song <with lyrics> that I am the best sister in the whole universe. He needs to write it himself and it needs to make me cry. (you owe me big time brother!!!!) please note: no king solomon song of songs style s.v.p.!

Dutch law October 26 22016 Wetenschappelijk onderzoek (scientific research with persons who have not reached the age of 16 etc.)

Everything stated on this website is a family issue, because I don't have certain peoples private/personal contact information, I have no other choice than to let these people know (beroep ik mij op overmacht Wetboek v. Strafrecht) s.o.s. this way. And then, with retro active force (terugwerkende kracht. Wetten gelden meestal pas nadat ze zijn afgekondigd; juristen zeggen 'ex nunc': van nu af. Hierdoor wordt de wet alleen toegepast op die situaties die zich voordeden na het inwerkingtreden van de wet) New privacy law May 25 2018: here. Therefore, all information on this website was put on here before May 25 2018, and i will continue to finish it.

1. Medeplichtigheid aan strafbarefeiten (complicity):

2. strafbarefeiten (criminal act):



Oranje Molen Vlissingen: Links to my family in Stembert, Belgium




Oh my, it seems like I'm getting some competition from my "Twin sister". Who never cared about the family. I now understand that some problems that happens/happened to people in my natal chart.

This image is from Snap361, I wasn't able to visit the site, but can you people stop claiming to do healings and such in name of certain gods/goddesses? That would be great... (I've never guided this soul mission session)

Here's another one... Sheshat, the first numerologist. at the end of the video it states that all women are magicians...NOT! These are witches. There is a simple way to find out if a woman is connected to the moon. Her monthly cycle has to occur around the full moon (White magic). Like the 1st day of the new month (referring to the Bible) A woman that connects more to the new moon (when the moon is not visible) and calenders that are based on the new moon are witches. Usually using i.e. black magic (this is were the name black magic comes from)

The following one is the most incredible one...The Sheshat project. (facepalm)

     Phone: (+31) 0626314974

     Fax:     (+31) 0858886358 

email: info@clignett.org

Ursa Maior

This is a picture I made of what I saw June 30 (2)2018 in Vlissingen, NL. There were a few other things I saw too (not tellin')

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My attention was caught to the time and date, while I'm rendering my new intro.

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Research Blog

Every now and then I like to share new findings regarding my researches (or other things worth mentioning) and to keep people, who are interested, updated.

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