Assassination of Pim Fortuyn:

Pim Fortuyn was murdered in Hilversum on my exhusband's, Erik de Jonge, birthdate 06 Taurus in this case links to Kitty Joy's natal chart. Why? Kitty Joy only had a Dutch passport at the time of Pim Fortuyn's assassination, I was not in The Netherlands anymore. I was in Phoenix, AZ at that time. > Kitty Joy lived there at the time. Volkert van der Graaf came from Middelburg in Zeeland. James R. Clignett's aunt Sylvia Clignett also lived in Hilversum. James asked me about his aunt somewhere in 2012-2014. I found her through a website, she married and moved to Hilversum. I called her daughter (can't remember her name) and asked if James his aunt was still alive. Now, Pim Fortuyn has the same birthdate as Edwin Maas (my former classmate in primairyschool). Not sure if Edwin was living in Arizona at that time.