Marriage Michael G. Van Bemmel and Irene H. Clignett October 15 1994 Clark, NV USA


At the Time of this marriage, Kitty Joy was committed in PZZ (Now Emergis). Erik and I lived in Arnemuiden, NL and Renee-Louise was 2 months old at that time. Van Bemmel is a name that can be linked to Arnemuiden, NL. I know someone, who shows in one of the charts, that has a connection with a Van Bemmel from Arnemuiden, NL. There is a Michael van Bemmel born on August 15 1964, he is not the one in my natal chart, or Almon Bruce French is his ancestor? Rancho Cucamonga, CA is a link to Clignett's and George W. Woodside. I have never been to Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Lydia Mennes (married to Thijs Mennes) lived in Arnemuiden. Mennes is linked to Haarlem, NL and Clignett's branch 1 or 2.