Timeline René H. Clignett:

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René Henri Clignett

October 10 Teluk Bayur, Borneo Indonesia

L.H (Lou) Clignett December 13 21905 (Sukaboemi, Indonesia), Lucy van der Zeep April 19 21907 (Pladjoe, Indonesia)

1 brother L.A. (Bob) Clignett January 2 1933

1 sister Kitty Clignett October 28 1935

My father did the H.B.S. (Hoger  Beroeps School) in Middelburg. Before he signed up with the navy. His brother Bob, advised him to learn a trade and he became a welder. My father was a very intelligent, loving and creative person. He was strict, but only a few rules. Honesty and responsibility was a priority. My father could look at you when he was angry, and you would feel it. He only married once, just like my grandmother and I have. He usually called my "sister" Kitty Joy as strong as a wet towel (someone without a strong will/selfdicipline)


My father's natal chart: