omringd door zorg en toch niet veilig

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I, jennifer alexandria clignett, appeal to the law to know and to be a witness. That I refuse to get drawn or be complicit with the knowledge I have. I have a duty to report criminal activities and child abuse to the government when the municipalities do nothing. I cannot be subpoenaed for reporting such facts.


Commission Samson

List with names (i don't know their birthdates):

Intervence: Team Hulst, Ellen van Gaal, Walcheren 3, Mark Jakobs

Juvent: Every fosterhome Féline has been to since October 13 2016, the mayor of Hulst since 2003 jan-frans mulder is a crisis fosterparent with Juvent.

stichting Timon:

Samenwerkingsverband Kind op 1 and o3: Cees corstanje and Rinus Voet (founders)

Prismascholen Goes: Steve Palmberg

RBL Walcheren: Roland van der Meulen

Raad voor de Kinderbescherming Middelburg: Natascha Volkers, Gaytrie kartram, Marianne van der heijden

Emergis Ithaka: Mark Bels Psychiatrist Belgium, mevr. Kersschot psychologist Belgium, dr. Franken psychiatrist

Stichting respont: SBO


connections of these people:

Ulla krausz clignett redcliffe australia

kitty joy clignett october 10

every clignett not related to me branch 1 and 2

Marion clignet february 21 or 22 > link to genealogy Dutroux > Marc Dutroux, Belgium

Daniëlle Miller Polderman  link Vlissingen and Rotterdam  Massachusetts USA February 18 > Bert Polderman lived in Norway in 2009 > kidnapping of baby tyler son of amy 

Edwin Maas link vlissingen  Philadelphia USA february 19

Joanne kodde police goes

henk wijkstra


Simone Simons January 17

Eva Simons April 27

Simons van Bemmel daughter Irene Clignett California USA

Erik de Jonge and his family 's heer arendskerke, 's heer abtskerke

his mothers side: van der vrie, luteijn > a teacher at St. Jozefschool Luteijn-Oele in Vlissingen and an employee of the city of Vlissingen kees luteijn. jacobina trump born oele lives in florida comes from middelburg.

sarah seddon from manchester UK lives in middelburg february 29

Yasmin wolters from wihelminadorp lives in london 1994 > Pieter wolters mayor of middelburg from 1970

hassan Günüç turkey january 1 > got in a coma because he was sufficating due to a chicken bone got stuck in his throat. How is it possible it got stuck in his thoat? Winti (Surinaams), guna guna (Moluks). This happened at his "friends house" Wimbo Chadwick.

Günüç family middelburg their sister lives in terneuzen

Chadia Douiri and her family links to belgium and marocco october 14


The IRS in the Netherlands traced a cult/movement in the province of Zeeland who i.e. sexually abuses children. The only way that is possible is when people have access to children or access is provided to children > Schools, daycare centers, fostercare etc.


I can proof everything