Timeline Dianne Danich:

full name            Dianne Danich

1952                         June 10 Detroit, MI USA

Parents                      Edward J. Danich and Anna Milencevic

Siblings                     3 sisters

                                    Kathleen Danich

                                    Sheryl Danich

                                    Carol Lynn Danich

Children                    2 daughters

                                    Christina Danich

                                    Valentina Danich Garrett


Dianne Danich has a 20 Scorpio in her natal chart. This links to the kidnapping of my sister Carol Lynn around Christmas in 1976 Middelburg, the Netherlands, Anneliese Michel her natal chart and the kidnapping of Maddie McCann. Dianne Danich is not involved in these events, she was like my mother and sister Carol Lynn born in the US.

The 10 Libra refers to the chart of the kidnapping of my sister Carol Lynn and her natal chart. Now, Nadia van der Horst has an aunt named Carolien. She is born on October 28 1937. (same day as my aunt Kitty)

Dianne Danich natal chart.