My grandfathers brother had 2 children. Peter and Yvonne Clignett. My uncle Peter inherited his fathers ring, but it's gone (I know exactly what stone and color the ring has). They went to The Netherlands after the war and lived in Kampen. The link here is Kampen and the link to the Clignetts branch 2. There is also a Kampen in the province of Friesland.


*Johannes Jacob Arnold Hendrik Clignett (born 1826) charlotta Carolina Krauss progeny:

*his nickname was "Admiraal" Clignett", because he participated at the Admiraalzeilen in Sneek.


René Clignett (This is not my brother René (Bilal), his brother is Peter Clignett who went to Canada in the 80's) married to Constance (parents Robbert René and Casper) in Haarlem, The Netherlands has a ring "inherited" from his father.

Constance Clignett: fired Anand Soekoe, a teacher, in 2012 because of tweets he posted on Islam. She's such a hypocrite, because her inlaw nephew Eugène Clignett, posted all kinds of shit about Izlam. Has she said anything to Eugène about his posts? No, of course not in his case it's freedom of speech.

René Clignett from Haarlem, the Netherlands is the uncle of i.e. Eugène (prince Eugenio ii), Maurice, Michel Clignett. They are 2nd cousins of i.e. Tjolien, Annemarie and Natascha Clignett.

Robine Clignetts father was "Pierre O. Clignett" he was supposed to be a GP (homeopatisch huisarts) in the Hague after the war. She is Klaus Baumgartners widow and the aunt of Laurens and Erik Clignett (one of them is the father of Féline Linde Willemijn Clignett, who was baptised on October 4 2015, the other is the father of Louise Laura Clignett) Robine Clignett went to the Vrijeschool in The Hague, with is Rudolph Steiner Education (Racists, unless you as an allochtoon are willing to be modernized enslaved)