Timeline Jamie Clignett:

Full name             Jamie Renee Clignett

1995                            April 26 San Bernardino, CA USA

Parents                       Henri Clignett and Barbara Maidenname? aka Clignett

Henri was born in Deventer, NL. Deventer is linked to i.e. Thijs Mennes, husband Lydia Mennes. Mennes is linked to Haarlem, NL and to Clignett's branch 1 or 2. Henri is of Clignett's branch 3 and is, if his father is a real Clignett, my distant uncle. Jamie is my distant cousin. Her birthyear is linked to that of Aaliyah van Stiphout. 30 Scorpio in Jamie's natal chart is Marina Abramovic. Her father was born in the Netherlands, his families karma and energy.