Forensic Astrology

What is Forensic Astrology?


When people hear the word Astrology, they automatically think of Astrology which is interpret by Astrologers. Giving meaning to the influence of celestial objects on humans.

The reason I researched i.e. Astrology, is because I wanted to be able to proof that Astrology, as it is practiced, is not a true "science".

1. Who came up with the idea that planets and the constallations have a certain meaning which influences people?

2. If this is true, then humans do not have free will according to the interpretations of Astrology.

As claimed in the bible we all have free will, but with this gift comes liability. Taking full responsibility for ones choices, actions etc. It is a fact that religious people do not believe in astrology, therefore they are responsible for all actions and can never use the excuse that they were influenced by the "devil" or "demons". In reverence to the story of Adam and Eve.


During my research, I did come to the conclusion that humans are subject to the principals of Astronomy, Universal Law and Natural Law  "as above, so below".

Why do I name it (Forensic) Astrology?

Astro > Italian >

Etymology 1

From Latin astrum, from Ancient Greek ἄστρον (ástron), from ἀστήρ (astḗr), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂stḗr (star), from the root *h₂eHs- (to burn”, “to glow).


astro m (plural astri)

  1. (astronomy) celestial body, star
  2. (figuratively) A person exceptionally talented or famous in a specific field; star


Astro: Refers to Astronomy

Logy > Logic: Refers to Logic


The (natal) charts I name Horuscope:

Horus (the elder) > Horus of the two eyes > the Horuscopes in Western and Vedic (not to be confused with Hindu)


Archeo Astronomy Robert Bauval

One of my researches is about blood types. I figured out that Adam and Lillith (Kali in Hindu religion) (Adam's first wife) must have had blood type O+ (can be mutations/Neanderthal/ Rh negative blood types are difficult to clone) (or blood type H+). They were both created from the earth. As everything on planet earth has an Rh factor. Adam's second wife was Eve. Assuming he must have had an Rh factor, Eve on the other hand, must have been Rh negative. In my opinion a clone/not a natural person of Adam. (Eve was created from his rib) There are people that I know who are Rh negative and shared my thoughts with one of them: Eve was seduced by the snake in the garden of Eden and ate of the forbidden fruit and seduced Adam to do the same. If Adam was not manipulable/ couldn't be seduced, Eve would not have been either. This must say something about Adam's personality. Will be more specific on my findings about Rh negative personalities.

DNA (ancestry) ofcourse is of great essence when mapping someone's personality. Though, upbringing, (family) karma, religion etc. can not be excluded. In the animal world, O and Rh negative are not "common" blood types. I do understand these blood types may feel "superior" towards A, B, AB  and Rh positive blood types, because they are not related to the Rhesus monkey. (Urang utang's do have orange/red hair too) Who says that the Rh factor stands in relation to the Rhesus monkey? If most things in nature have an Rh factor, could it be that the Rh Factor is Gods blueprint and that O's are markers between bloodlines?

If humans evolved from apes, why haven't apes evolved in to humans or have humans evolved in to apes by now? More on this in Your Spirit Animal.

The "astrological Universe"

what is the astrological universe?


Within the physical universe, there's an "astrological universe". Time is not an illusion, just an expression of  the synchronicity with the universe, the sun and the moon.

Time creates our reality, we wake up at a certain time to get to work on time etc. The rhythm of our personal "inner clock", which refers to our personal astrological universe within the physical universe. That is what makes us unique individually, like our i.e. fingerprints and DNA. 


The time, day and place of birth is an essential factor to our personal "astrological universe" which makes us all a part of the multiverse. By celebrating your birthday, you acknowledge the time, day and place of your birth. Even if you don't celebrate your birthday, the government you're a part of accepts your birthday as legit. If you would change your name and date of birth, it would still show in other ways what your original data was.


When people enter your life and refuse to tell you their birthdate, keep them away from your life. Remember what their name is and what they look like and if they have special characteristics and around what time you met them. People that are (very) secretive, have something to hide.





Can our timeline be manipulated?


Yes, our timeline can be manipulated. When you feel the circumstances you experience (usually negative) are not meant for you, it usually is.

This could indicate that:

1. Someone used black magic (i.e. Winti, Guna Guna, Voodoo) on you. (Someone lying about you, is a form of black magic)

2. Someone exchanged their identity with yours/I.D. Theft, without your consent.

3. When you're an Empath, it's easier for dominant individuals to use your energy (Empathic Blending/Energy Vampirism)


*How do the individuals get your energy, your identity etc.?

1. They use sex.

2. They traumatize you.

3. They use your empathic ability to drain your energy.

*I recommend the website of dr. Laurence Wilson for this topic.




The mandela effect

The Mandela Effect can be debunked with my version of Forensic Astrology.


I will be writing my paper on what I've researched over the passed 20+ years. I hope, people that have looked at my other websites (who were deleted) respect my findings (Copyright, Intellectual Property) I will sue anyone that tries to steal my ideas. I still have all the Visuals I created to explain things since 2016.

Go to Parallel Universe and The Mirror World for more info.

Spiritual Murder

What is spiritual murder? That is a murder committed by an individual or group of people who use any kind of black magic with the purpose of killing or causing harm to a target.

Can you proof a murder which is committed by such practice? Yes.

It came to my attention that children are used for these practices. Are these children innocent? Yes. The adults who use these children, are not.

Spiritual Warfare is part of these acts.

Who practice spiritual warfare? Every religious organization, and individual or group of people using any kind of black magic.


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Very interesting topic. Doppelgängers. To give an example, I met a guy that looked exactly like Casey Affleck without a beard between 10-11:59 pm on monday May 21 (2)2018 or tuesday May 22 00:00-1:55 am at Roots in Vlissingen, NL. I was so stunned I totally forgot to take a picture. He looked like in this picture but with darker hair and more curly.